Conscious Eating Tips for Moms

Moms —  do you find your weight creeping up? Maybe you never lost the baby weight, or maybe it was a couple of pounds last year and another couple this year. But if you do the math ….. well, before you know it you’ll be deep in mom-jeans territory. Now’s the time to moderate your eating and establish some good habits, and save yourself the trouble of dieting when those few pounds have multiplied. Making healthy, conscious choices will help you regain your shape — and your sense of control.

1. Start your day right. Eat a good breakfast with some protein — eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese — to help carry you through the mid-morning slump.

2. Avoid snacking with your kids.  “Sleep when the baby sleeps” (which I could never do, by the way) might have been good advice, but don’t eat when they eat, especially if they graze throughout the day.

3. Eat your own food. Don’t clean your kids’ plate. Though my depression-era parents might gasp in horror, I throw out those crusts and unfinished hotdogs (they’re not particularly appetizing, anyway). And when packing food for the kids, make sure to pack something healthy for yourself — carrots, celery, apple slices, etc.

4. No goldfish. ‘Nuff said.

5.  Set a kitchen-closing time or brush your teeth right after dinner and don’t eat after that time. You don’t need more calories for the most sedentary part of your day.

6. Drink more water. Keeping hydrated is just plain good for you, plus it will prevent you from eating for thirst.

7. If possible, get more sleep. You are less likely to crave sugar if you are better rested.

8. Plan for one or two treats or splurges each week. Rather than eliminate sweets altogether, choose when you want to indulge. Knowing you get a yummy dessert on date night or a trip to your favorite ice cream parlor on the weekend makes it easier to pass on every-day sweets.

Do you have any additional tips? I’d love to hear them.