DIY – Ten Questions Coaches Ask to Improve Work Effectiveness and Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with your work life and performance? Here are some great questions to ask yourself if you want to improve your effectiveness, satisfaction,  and overall happiness.

  1. What are my top three work priorities? Biggest challenges?
  2. What are my three greatest strengths?
  3. What is my greatest weakness?
  4. When and under what circumstances am I most effective?
  5. How do I waste time and energy?
  6. What would make my job more fun? What would make me feel proud?
  7. What am I tolerating?
  8. What work relationships are most important to me and who are my strongest allies?
  9. Where do I most want to grow?
  10. What does success mean to me? Where would I like to be in one year? In five years?

Answer these questions in writing and use your insights to identify what is working and what is not. This is the first step to changing your work habits and improving your performance. Establish clear goals – with deadlines – and monitor your progress.

Or, if Do-It-Yourself is not your speed, call me and we’ll schedule a sample coaching session.