How I Found My Coach


If you’re looking at this website you may be wondering how to choose a coach. There are so many out there – how do you make an educated choice, especially if you have never shopped for a coach before? Well, here are a few basics. First, you can start with a referral from a friend or colleague, look at the International Coach Federation website, or just do a Google search to generate some names of coaches. Check out their websites and see if their message resonates. Beware jargon and quick-fixes! But whatever you do, make sure you have a sample session.

In my experience, it comes down to chemistry. I did sample sessions with two very experienced, well-credentialed and skillful coaches. I benefited from each of the sessions and wasn’t sure which to choose. Then I met the third coach, and I knew that she was The One. What was it? First, she seemed to “get” me. Second, in addition to supporting me in reaching my goals, she will keep me honest – she will kick my ass (in the most supportive and loving way, of course) if I’m making lame excuses or selling out my dreams. Sometimes I need that to get moving. What about you? What moves you? That’s what you’re looking for in a coach.