Motherhood Runs the Gamut of Emotions


I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or cheer when I read a post on ParentHacks suggesting that moms turn their children’s bathtime into “pamper” time by sticking their own feet in a lavender scented kids’ bathtub while reading a glossy magazine, and then donning lotion and socks afterward.

Such are the lengths to which a mom will go. The sheer absurdity the rubber-ducky-strewn spa pedicure made me want to laugh. At the same time, the sad truth that many moms have so few moments of peace and self-renewal made me want to cry. And the sheer pluck and ingenuity of seizing a moment for oneself even in the thick of mothering elicited my admiration.

All three perspectives contain some truth, and being able to shift among them is essential for sane parenting. As a mother of three once told me after a particularly scatological experience, “Motherhood is not for wussies.” We need to acknowledge, share, and support one another in the sacrifices of motherhood. We must also find ways to care for ourselves within the constraints of the daily grind. And perhaps most important, we depend on our senses of humor to sustain us and maybe even allow occasional moments of grace.

Just don’t try to convince me that reclining in the dentist’s chair is as good as a massage or that doing isometric exercises while under the drill will help tone and firm my skin!

Here’s wishing you some real pampering and a Happy Mother’s Day!