Now, More Than Ever


Times are tough – we see it all around us. The economy is faltering, people are losing their jobs and their homes in numbers that make even those who have a relatively secure job feel nervous. So maybe your first response to coaching is, “That sounds nice, but I can’t afford inspiration and fulfillment right now – I’m lucky to have a job and I just want to keep it.” To which I reply, “Yup, and coaching will help you do just that.” More than ever, you need to understand your mission, perform at your best, and be recognized for your contributions in the workplace.

In essence, you need to build your brand, so that if cuts are made, you are as insulated as you can be. And if you should fall victim to the corporate axe, you are positioned to get your next job. Coaching will help you identify and tap into your strengths and understand and navigate the places you get stuck, so that you can turn in your best performance – be a more effective teammate and leader. And here’s the bonus: in addition to raising the level of your game, in all likelihood coaching will also lead you to greater fulfillment, better self-image, and closer alignment with your values. It’s win-win, and it’s not an indulgence; it’s an essential.