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As a member of the San Francisco community and a public radio listener, I periodically contribute to KQED’s Listener Perspectives series.

Enjoying the Sandwich

When my daughter left for college and my 90-year-old dad moved in a block away, I found unexpected parallels as they each started a new chapter of life.

A Sanctuary of Pots and Pans

I find joy and sacredness in a church kitchen.

Finding Family

During the pandemic, missing volunteer service and remembering a special person.

Adapting to the Mask

It’s said that old habits die hard. But it turns out that new habits can take hold pretty quickly.

Thank You For Your Service

When my father got his hip replaced, he taught me something about gratitude and honoring something old and formerly dependable when its useful life is over.

Holiday Grieving

The holiday season is about joy and celebration with family and friends. Yet for many, it’s also a time of sadness, even mourning.

My New Hero

My new role model at the gym doesn’t have abs of steel. She has persistence, patience, and grace.