Plenty of Time


If you are like many people I know, your time management habits … well, let’s just say they could use some work. Even if you accept the premise of my last blog that life is long and you have plenty of time, your daily habits probably still reinforce the panicky feeling of time scarcity. You pack too much into your day. You create a to do list that you can’t possibly complete and wind up feeling defeated. You always try to squeeze in just one more thing, making yourself five minutes late to the meeting instead of five minutes early.

Or you get there on time, but sweaty and anxious instead of relaxed and focused. You lose sight of the big picture and drown in the details. My mission is to help you change your daily habits to bring the big picture into focus, take control of your time, and make powerful choices to lead a more fulfilling and sustainable life. Today I lay out four practices directed at making this change. Over my next four entries, I will describe each in juicier detail. I urge you to try each for a week and see what you notice. Here they are in brief: (1) commit to being five minutes early; (2) transform your to do list into a daily schedule that reflects your priorities and includes something for you; (3) stop talking about how busy you are; and (4) control your screen time. Taking these four steps will almost certainly enhance your productivity, but that’s not the point – more importantly, you will assert control over your time, create breathing space in your day, and begin to say “no” to the extraneous items while focusing on what really matters.