So, You Call Yourself a Coach, Do You?


What makes a person a coach? I began asking this question during early training and continue to ask it as I create this website. For me, today, the answer is that coaching brings together many skills I was already using (listening, inquiry, probing, staying focused) with family, friends, and colleagues, and provides an approach and some great tools to create the unique relationship that is coaching. Wearing this hat, I am not friend, mother, sister, wife, or counselor.

I am that unique person in your life who is always compassionately keeping her eye on your agenda, your dreams and values, listening to what you are saying and what you are not saying. It’s not my job to fix you – you have everything you need within you. Instead, I am inviting, challenging, and calling you forth to follow through on what you want, to risk failure, and to trust yourself. I am your coach.