Ten Tips for Business Development


Here are ten tips to help you grow your business and develop strong client relationships:

1. Know your value. What do you offer? What are your core strengths?

2. Know your edge. Be able to articulate what sets you apart from competitors. If you are a small player, know how being nimble and scrappy is an advantage; if you are the biggest, know how being established and well-resourced is an advantage.

3. Identify your ideal client or customer so you know what you want and whom to target.

4. Do your homework. Understand your potential client’s business needs and how to serve them.

5. Listen more than you talk. When making your pitch, questions that will help you tailor your presentation to their needs.

6.Tune in. Be present and attentive to the vibe in the room.

7. Walk your talk. If you are promising that you will be timely, organized, and within budget, demonstrate these qualities in your presentation by managing your time well and having organized content.

8. Keep it positive. Do not bad-mouth your competitors or your potential client’s rivals.

9. Pay attention to detail. Don’t serve Coke products to Pepsi executives (as someone I know once did, and lost the account).

10. Dress the part. Proper attire shows professionalism and respect, so better to over-dress than under-dress.