“Hanna has worked with my exec team and me to help us improve. She has designed a rigorous, simple, scalable approach that enables our exec team to use a common framework and speak a common language even as we work on highly individual development plans.”

– Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO Coursera

“Spending time with Hanna was one of the best investments I made in myself and my career last year. She was able to build rapport and trust quickly – even over Zoom – and when facing tough revelations about myself, I felt like Hanna was always on my side. We were able to explore my strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a far deeper way than I would with my CEO, and she helped (re)build my confidence in my capabilities while also asking tough questions (or bringing me to tough realizations) that have made me a more effective leader. While a lot of the work we did was introspective, she was also fantastic at giving tactical and easy-to-try tips to experiment with in upcoming meetings or situations. I made time for our appointments – and actively looked forward to them – because I knew I would learn something important about myself or be able to approach a complicated situation with fresh eyes after we spoke. While it can be true “it’s lonely at the top” – working with Hanna was a great reminder that it might feel lonely, but there are many people on your team who want the best for you, professionally and personally.”

– CFO, Series C funded tech company

“Working with Hanna has made a tremendous impact on my effectiveness as a leader. She helped me uncover my default thinking patterns, and she has pushed me to challenge those default thinking patterns to be more flexible. The result: I’m happier, I’m getting more done, I’m showing up for my team in a more positive way, and my work/life balance is in much better shape. Hanna is a great coach and a great partner. I highly recommend her.”

– VP Engineering, Roblox

“Hanna has provided me with brilliant advice and steady support through a major career transition, stressful management challenges, and periods of rapid personal growth. Between our conversations, I always get surprising and useful insights from her thought leadership columns on Forbes—an added bonus.”

– C-Suite Executive, Series B health tech company

“I have worked with Hanna for a number of years and have found her approach to be pragmatic and enlivening, rigorous yet accessible.  She continually challenges me to re-frame situations and assumptions in a way that stirs fresh insights and generates positive momentum.  I always look forward to our sessions and would recommend her to anyone seeking to expand their wingspan– whether through amplified leadership, higher individual performance or enhanced team effectiveness.

– Global Head of Legal Department, Asset Management Firm