Thanks, Moms!

Here’s a shout out to all the stay-at-home moms (and dads) out there – thank you for all you do, not just for your own kids but for my kids too.

I am writing this from my hotel room in Pt. Reyes, California where I am staying for a client off-site retreat that Leigh Marz and I are conducting with a partnership of non-profit organizations. I feel privileged to work with this talented, committed, and ambitious group. And what made this work possible was the support of my husband and the help of no fewer than four mothers of my children’s friends, who have hosted my son for playdates and taken him to school, picked him up and dropped him off, fed him, and comforted him while Reece was at work. They all stepped in on short notice, when our original childcare plan (my in-laws) fell through at the last minute because my father-in-law became ill. I am very lucky to have such a supportive and generous group of women in my life.

This experience drove home something that I already knew – that our culture of child-rearing depends on some parents not being full-time employed outside the home. If we all had intense jobs, who would be the girl scout leader? Who would coach soccer or bring the snacks for practice? Who would supervise after-school playdates? Who would volunteer at our school? Though some are quick to suggest that it is a waste when parents choose to stay home full-time or to remain “under-employed” while they have children at home, the truth is that our system these parents to support the enriching activities that we desire for our kids.

My schedule is usually sufficiently flexible that I can periodically volunteer at school, and I am happy to host playdates and pick up or drop off my kids’ buddies. But on the occasions when work calls me out of town, I am grateful for this generous community of moms who all help one another. Thank you for caring for my kiddos and for supporting my career. I look forward to returning the favor!