The Not-Knowing


Do you sometimes feel like all aptitude and no direction? That was me for a long time. I had confidence in my capacity to do something, but could never figure out what that something was. I was surrounded by people who were driven to pursue one path or another – family members and friends and boyfriends who were passionately pursuing a dream while I slogged along in corporate law – and it felt to me like I was just missing that passion gene. Instead, I felt stuck. I would have given anything to know what I should do. Does this sound like you?

Are you capable, maybe even ambitious, but unsatisfied, yet unable to identify what you want? Well, I’m going to tell you something that may sound counter-intuitive – your dissatisfaction is your friend. Because in that dissatisfaction is energy, hunger, desire. You want something more. I’ll say it again, louder. You want something more! That may not feel like much, but really it is everything. Let your hunger be your ally. Not knowing what you want is hard, but it is the first step to getting what you want. If you can allow yourself to muck about in the not-knowing, letting your desire grow, getting curious, trying things and taking risks, you will learn what makes your heart sing. The actions you take to figure it out will themselves give you the satisfaction of moving toward something. And with time, your heart will find its own music.