What Do You Want from 2010?


Time Magazine’s cover last week dubbed the 2000’s “The Decade From Hell,” and many are saying “good riddance.” But what lessons have you learned, and how do you want to enter the coming year, the coming

decade? With a New Year’s resolution that will be stale by February, or with an energized and rigorous plan to achieve a well-integrated set of goals that will improve your performance, satisfaction, and life balance? Now is a great time to try coaching, a collaborative relationship that helps you develop your own goals and take concrete actions to make real change.

One of my goals for 2010 is to continue to grow my coaching practice, enhance my skills, and reach out to a wider audience. In January I am launching new MCLE trainings in Time-Management and Stress-Management for Attorneys, and I’ll be doing another Back-to-Work workshop for moms in spring. I’m looking forward to a great year.

In celebration of the start of my second year in business, I am offering New Year’s coaching packages to fit your budget. Contact me to schedule a sample session, and we’ll get to work.