What’s on Your Nightstand?


Further confirmation that I have found the right profession — my bedside reading.

Lately, my reading habits have changed. I have always been an avid reader of fiction. From Narnia and Tolkien in grade school, to romance novels in my teens, to literary fiction (with a healthy dose of “chick-lit” and all the Harry Potter books) in my adult life, I have always loved plot and character and make-believe. Nearly everything else was a slog. And when I was a lawyer, you would never catch me reading a law-related book in my spare time.

So imagine my surprise when I began to read and enjoy non-fiction. It started with Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, continued with Po Bronson’s Nurture Shock, and came to a fever pitch over Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and Dan Pink’s Drive. It’s gotten so out of control that I failed to finish two of the last three novels for my book group. My nightstand and desk are piling up: Marriage books, parenting guides, management texts — a collection of what is sometimes disparagingly called “Self-Help.” But regardless of their section in Barnes & Noble, these books fundamentally address the question of how we should live and work as individuals and together.

What could be more fascinating than that?

Coming soon to the resources page: Recommended reading.

I just hope my book group doesn’t kick me out ….

What’s on your nightstand? What does it say about your passions? Any recommendations?